30 min
In-home or on location
Minimum 15 edited digital images
Online gallery
*additional fees for select studios

starting at $175


up to 90 mins
In-home or on locations
Minimum 30 edited digital images
Online Gallery
Branding, Maternity, Engagements
*additional fees for select studios

starting at $350


6+ Hours
Online gallery
Weddings, Events, or Socials

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Framed Zodiac Constellations

Each Zodiac has it’s own personality, perks and nuances. I intuitively select multiple crystals and lay them as the stars in the constellation. Similar to a crystal grid, these harmonize the energy of each zodiac.

starting at $42

Crystal Grids

Customized based on your energy, intentions you want to attract and manifestations you want to set.

starting at $65


Not 1 acrylic pour will turn out what you plan for. Not 1 watercolour painting will look the same. Send me a message and we can create something beautiful made just for you.

Starting at $150

Ready for your personalized piece of art?